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Make Friends All Over The World

Thanks to the internships program you will have the chance to meet and make friends with incredible people from all around the world.


Internships Abroad

Abroad Consulting helps you in completing your language education abroad and getting an internship opportunity in a foreign country with companies in line with your interests and field of study.


Staff Mobility for Teachers

If you are a teacher who wants to be involved and learn about teaching ways all through Europe this is your chance to learn new ways of teaching.


This is your chance to set up your language and practice listening and speaking on another level. 


Job Shadowing

Learn by training on the job and getting involved with the workflow of the company learning about new aspects related to the job, organization, certain behaviors, or competencies


Cultural Activities

Learn about the culture and history of the country, visit the local monuments and museums, music festivals, local markets, and much more.


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