Abroad Consulting  is an agency for transnational mobility located in Berlin, which promotes and supports the development and realization of funding initiatives as part of the European policy for development, innovations, training and territorial partnerships (mainly Erasmus+).

Abroad Consulting focuses on promoting international mobility of students, workers, the unemployed, employed and entrepreneurs (or those wanting to become an entrepreneur). Our purpose is to enhance their professional and linguistic skills in order to create a higher degree of integration in the global labour market.

Due to our experience and contacts in various countries of the European Union, we facilitate the creation of a qualified network on an international level. This way of working ensures that the projects are created and implemented in synergy with the European strategies. The purpose of our projects is the development of an international attitude and more international mobility with the European youth, giving them a better chance on the job market.

Within the European project structures, such as Erasmus+, Abroad Consulting acts as promoter, coordinator and partner in sectorial projects with the aim to enhance personal and professional growth in young adults.