Due to our professional employees and our widespread network across Europe, Abroad Consulting offers businesses and public and private organizations qualified assistance services for:

  • Analyzing the financial requirements and the following individuation of the main funding opportunities at the European level;
  • Following the suitable steps for each project idea in the European arena;
  • Choosing potential partnerships for European projects;
  • Defining the project proposals, thereby giving special attention to the financial and practical aspects.

Abroad Consulting carries out European projects in the following areas: professional training, international mobility with learning purposes, job placements, internships, territorial development, technological innovation, which sustains the development of PMI, and the training of young professionals.

Abroad Consulting is actively involved in public European organization networks, universities, research centers, chambers of commerce and regional development institutions, offering opportunities for regional systems to benefit from the facilities of European programs.

The European networks for professional training and international mobility offer an integrated system of informative services for students who are interested in starting an internship in a foreign country, and for educational institutes or cultural organizations.

These networks have the purpose of creating and sharing up-to-date databases with a list of companies from all the European countries. All these companies have expressed their interest in giving internship opportunities to foreign workers, students and apprentices.