Realizing a professional training course during your studies, both in high school and higher and vocational education, is gaining more and more value in Europe. This so-called school-work rotation is focused on giving adolescents those skills necessary to be employed. The program alternates study hours with training hours either in school or on the job. This guarantees working experiences and bridges the gap between the academic and working world.

A school-work rotation with an international aspect does not only offer students a perfect opportunity to grow and to gain work experience, but also to learn how to thrive in a culture different than the native one.

Abroad Consulting has a solid network of companies and institutions wishing to invest in new human capital. We are strongly interested in forging a connection between professional institutes, high schools and companies. We organize your mobilities using English, Spanish, French and German as vehicle languages for the internships.

Abroad Consulting will take care of the certification of the acquired skills together with the internship company, training institution or language school by giving the students the Europass Mobility certificate.

For further information about our training opportunities regarding school-work rotations, about the internship sectors and the minimum required skills to be eligible for internships abroad, please contact us via