The projects PON Action C1 („Formative programs for the development of key communicative competencies in foreign languages“) have the purpose to reinforce the language training phase of key competencies for the personal development of active citizenship and social inclusion.

These projects are focused on offering students in the third, fourth and fifth level of secondary school an opportunity to learn foreign languages (spoken in the EU) during a stay in another EU country.

Envisioned are language courses of 20 hours per week over the course of three to four weeks. The students will achieve an internationally recognized certification at the end of the course. Within the course, linguistic skills, which are necessary for entering a university or a job, will be developed.

Concerning the methodological/ practical aspects of the courses, it should be emphasized that Action C1 projects have to be planned to also permit the student to experience the cultural aspects of their stay. The students should be supported in their development by a solid education base, but at the same time experience cultural, economic and social differences between the countries. It should be an important step for their growth as individuals and EU-citizens.

Abroad Consulting is collaborating with a wide range of language schools located in main European Countries. We are therefore well-equipped to organize study holidays for students. For further information about our school partnerships in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Malta and Germany, please contact us at the following email address:  progettipon@abroadconsulting.eu