The PON (NATIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAM) is part of the Structural European Funds: the main financial vehicle of regional EU policies focused on reinforcing the economic, social and territorial cohesion and the reduction of distance between developed and underdeveloped regions.  It gives schools the possibility to benefit from EU resources on top of the financial support given by national governments. The PON fundings are distributed over a period of seven years.

The Italian PON operates in four so-called EU converge regions in Italy (Calabria, Campania, Sicily and Puglia) and has reached significant results, both in terms of general improvement in school services and in school attendances and the improvement of student´s competences. The Italian government decided to extend this program for the period 2014 – 2020 to assure further cohesion between the regions.

However, due to the difference existing in some regions the Italian Government decided to extend this program for the 2014-2020 period.

The PON contains various funds:

  • FSE – Social European Found: finances both the social field and human capital, concerning mainly training;
  • FESR – European Found for Regional Development: finances infrastructural and technological projects.

Schools are engaged in the PON project after an announcement of the “Managment Authorities” of MIUR where they communicate timing and methods to participate.
The announcement  has been spread by central and peripheral informative systems of MIUR ( structural founds web site PON e USR  – platform GPU ).
To present the projects, MIUR  uses an informative system  integrated with documents, constituted by two on-line platforms   available for all the institutions:

  • GPU – Unitary Programming Management: supports the administrative and operative management of the projects financed by the PON;
  • SIDI – Education Information System: supports the financial management of PON, allowing the cost-reporting and the monitoring of the flow of funding connected with the project realisation.

For more information and support during your PON-project please contact Abroad Consulting at the following email address:  progettipon@abroadconsulting.eu