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Advanced services for training in mobility for schools. Language courses and work placement in the company


“Cooperation and international mobility changes your life and opens your mind“. The new program ERASMUS + is focused on promoting different competencies and jobs placements, as well as sustains the modernisation of educational systems, training and youth. Abroad Consulting takes advantage of its consolidated net of external partnerships to obtain a valid support in presenting every project proposals.


Funding comes from educational institutes of “The Ministry of Education, University and Research”. Pon C1 projects (languages courses in foreign countries) and Pon C5 (internships in Italy or another country) represent a financial support plan, focused on improving the educational and training quality system in European States. The main purpose of Pon C1/C5 project is to favour the growth and consolidation of skills and competencies, promoting a greater participation to different training and learning programs in a permanent way. Abroad Consulting always ensures support and assistance during the entire course and the stay in the foreign country.


Take the opportunity to improve your communication skills in a foreign country, that is an essential element to be a qualified professional in the professional world, during university and in your daily life. Abroad Consulting organises your language courses in the main European countries, in collaboration with selected schools.
Complete your education career doing an internship with companies operating in your field of studies! Please, contact Abroad Consulting to get more information about our internships opportunities in Europe!

Our history

Our history

Thanks to the gained experience of our different partnership that collaborate with Abroad Consulting is focused on offering a service in line with European Projects. Our agency is located in Berlin, but, as our claim says, we would like to be your landmark in the main European countries.
Abroad Consulting strongly believes that only a consolidated and trusted net can be an added value in the very first steps of presentation and realisation of projects.
Our experience represents a solid base from where to begin new collaborations with public bodies (private and public), secondary educational institutes companies and groups of students.

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